What is


The digital diary for each cancer patient

CANKADO is the digital diary for cancer patients. CANKADO connects physicians and patients. Thanks to CANKADO physicians can directly accompany their patients and manage both their therapies and therapeutic process.
If CANKADO is used for monitoring the condition of patients, they can document their well-being and quality of life and provide their physicians with this information. If CANKADO is used parallel to treatment, physicians can directly pass on their therapy instructions so that patients will be reminded of taking their medicine and can document this in real time.

For Patients

Are you a patient and wish to achieve more together with your physician? See how simple it is!

CANKADO is your digital diary. Document your medication use, your well-being and quality of life regularly. Share this information with your physician. In return your physician will give you important tips and advice on your personal therapeutic process. Learn more about your therapy and see how you can contribute to a successful outcome. Get a better overview of your therapy and your personal state of health. CANKADO helps with all these matters!

Your continuous documentation will enable your physician to gain a detailed insight in your process and to better customize your therapy. CANKADO is free of charge.

For physicians

CANKADO provides physicians in charge with a continuous overview of the therapeutic process, the patients‘ well-being and quality of life (QoL) both at the beginning of the therapy and in the process of treatment. In addition the system offers advanced functions to increase adherence in oral therapy.

CANKADO is easy to handle and runs on any computer, tablet or smartphone. This ensures the time efficient care of patients as a complement to the personal contact at the respective facility.

Complex therapy protocols are provided as templates and can be adapted to individual needs.

CANKADO is free of charge and exclusively financed by subsidies, research projects and donations.